Gluten-Free Options //

We are proud to offer a variety of options to cover specific nutritional needs. Apart from a vast variety of salads (all of them gluten free), poultry, starters, and a gluten free beer, we also offer the following:


We have Gluten Free Pizza dough available to our coeliac customers.

However, even though we take every effort in avoiding cross-contamination, all pizzas are baked in the same oven.

Gluten free pizzas are specifically baked in a separate container but within the same oven, thus the floating wheat flour could contaminate it.

We also have Gluten-Free Bread and Breadsticks available.


We have Gluten Free Pasta (maccheroni). We cook the pasta in a different water from the normal pasta.

All our sauces are home made and gluten free.

Currently, we do not offer Gluten Free Lasagne.


We have a varied selection of Gluten Free desserts. It is however necessary to inform the waiter whenever you order your dessert, as some of the added toppings might have gluten in it. The available gluten free desserts are:

– Dolce Delizia (homemade)

– Lemon Ice-Cake (homemade)

– Chocolate Cake (homemade)

– Pannacotta (homemade)

– Rice & Orange Cake (homemade)

– Ice-Cream



Our Standard menu (which you can check here) includes an exhaustive list of Allergens. So that everyone at the table can enjoy their experience in our premises.

However, we strongly recommend to inform the waiter about any allergies or intollerances. So that our kitchen staff can take even more care when preparing the order.

Even so, we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross-contamination.